A bit of r & r in Lanzarote, and also after a gig with The Looters (mark 1)


The Million Lira Quartet at the Borderline in 1999

Having a fine time with the One Eyed Jacks in 2000


  Doing a bit of dep work. drumming at Petesounds and singing at the Globe.


Playing with The Looters

The LOOTERS Playing The Borehamwood Music Festival


The pictures above are of a band that I was in, named, Serious Gentlemen. I'm the drummer, my brother Lee, who was 17 at the time,is on bass, Dave Wallace is on keyboards and Philip French was our vocalist. It was taken around 1985.

This is me aged nine playing in my uncles band (The Bandits) at the York Hall Baths in 1962, playing a broadway drum kit, and wearing a lovely pale blue knitted jumber, designed and made by Sylvia Pomeroy (mum). Is it cute or what?

Me in 1974 playing a Burns Trisonic that used to belong to Hank Marvin and my uncle Chris. Behind me is a Roland SH 1000 Synth that I had just Purchased

The little combo above was my granfathers Jazz  band. It features my grandfather on drums with 2 of his daughters and 2 of is nephews. This picture was taken in the 1920's.

The beat combo above was my fathers band The C Beats.
This features my father on drums, uncle Tel on bass, uncle Chris on lead guitar and cousin Brian on rhythm guitar. This photo was taken in 1964. and also features one of the first Rickenbacker basses in the country.

Rick Wakemans New English Rock Ensemble with my brother Lee Pomeroy (far left), Asn Soan, Rick Wakeman, Ahsley Holt and Dave Colquhoun.

And of course , My tribute to Elvis 1999.


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